Week One of Gratitude

Lately it seems I’ve been bogged down with depression.  I’m sad and discouraged in almost every aspect of my life.  So the big picture looks really grim.

Based on a post from a fellow blogger, I decided that every day I will find at least one thing (small as it might be) to be thankful for.

The first day started out great!  One of my friends delivered her healthy baby boy, I went shopping with a gift card and found socks, gloves and tops that weren’t Made in China, I prepared a very tasty soup with ingredients I had in the house without a recipe, I had a wonderful walk with my dogs.

I was inspired.  I had decided to find one positive thing in my life and I’d found four!


The next day was snowy, I wore boots in to work and didn’t bring shoes, so I wore slippers all day.  I started a Facebook page to share my gratitude that was embraced by my friends.  People loved the idea and began sharing their gratitude.

The next couple of days brought some challenges, but I still found things to be grateful for, not the least of which is the support I’ve been getting for this project.

My hope is if you are struggling, depressed,  or just need a little pick me up, you will find yourself here or on my Facebook page and realize that you are not alone and no matter what is going on in your life, you can find something positive to be grateful for.

Thanks for joining me on this journey,

Until next time,



Week One of Gratitude — 13 Comments

  1. As someone with a deep and intimate knowledge of depression, even it (in its mild forms) has its blessings. Sometimes I think we just need to pull inside ourselves for a little while.

    I’m glad you’ve found blessings even in a dark season.

    • I agree Pamela, sometimes the introspect is really worth the reflection, but it’s too easy (for me anyway) to get caught up in the negative.

      I hope you have found the blessings you need as well.

    • Thank you Oz, I’m delighted you want to join me on this journey! Feel free to share either here on my Facebook page whatever it is that you are grateful for. And if you’re struggling, that’s definitely the time to share. :-)

  2. I am glad you started this page and your facebook page. Let’s all try and help each other out. I am thankful for my online friends that come running when I call. I hope I can help you out sometime Jodi, your a lovely person and I hope your days are brighter. Mine are brighter because your in it.

    • I’m hoping we can all use a little bit of support, you know? When we have those days where we can’t seem to see the sun, that is when we can see what others are grateful for and in doing so, perhaps see what we have to be grateful for ourselves. Thank you for joining me JoAnn, my days are definitely brighter with you in them too!

  3. I’m always sad to hear someone I know is struggling with depression. I have fought that battle myself for years. It never seems too far away. One of these days I’m going to be able to open up about it on my dog blog, but I’m just not ready to yet. In the mean time, I am grateful for the friends who support me no matter what, and who have always been there for me even during the darkest days. Two of those friends, as you know, are my pups. I will be back to visit here…I can usually use a gratitude adjustment myself. :) PS – did you know that when somebody puts a smiley face at the end of their writings, it’s a sign of depression? Found that out in a book I read over the holiday. I might have to work on purging that from my posts this year.

    • I’m sorry that you’ve struggled with depression Sherri, and hope you are in a better place now. It’s amazing what dogs can do for us, isn’t it?

      Anytime you are looking for something to be grateful for, I’ll be happy to remind you.

      And no, I did not know that about the smiley face, I usually use them to let people know the tone of my comment or post. I wonder if we should be using something else instead?

    • Thank you, it will not be as time consuming as my other blog. :-) Just a little something to help me focus on the good in my life!!

  4. I just now found out you have this website as well. (I’m a bit behind in my reading, what can I say?)

    As for the smileys at the end of a sentence, I say “Hogwash!” I’ve been using smiley faces since I was a little kid and I’ve only once struggled with depression in all my 60 years — right after my sweet Kissy went to the Rainbow Bridge. NO disrespect intended for Sherri at all; but in my humble opinion, whoever wrote that nonsense about the smiley faces does not know what s/he’s talking about. I intend to continue using smiley faces wherever I please.

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